Sensual Fire (1979) Carlos Tobalina

Sensual Fire (1979)
Country: USA | Director: Carlos Tobalina
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 90mn
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Starring: Jamie Gillis, Dorothy LeMay, Linda Menlo, Rose Miller, Sally Regan, Joe C. Scott, John Seeman, Serena, Brian Smith, Francine Sorensen, Jesie St. James, Robert Stout Lucy, Tellerman

A man tries to deal with his lust for his lover's daughter.

Carrying on the whole family theme, we move on to Sensual Fire. Jamie Gillis (THE OPENING OF MISTY BEETHOVEN, WATERPOWER) stars as Roy. He has recently fallen in love with Laura, played by Jesie St. James (RANDY, HOTLINE). Things are going wonderfully for the for the pair. All that changes when Laura's young daughter Teena, played by Dorothy Le May (TABOO, BLIND FURY) returns and shakes things up. Whilst she is in her room having some lonely fun, little does she know Roy's office is next door and he has a peep hole. He begins to watch her which eventually leads to him constantly fantasising about making love to her. To try and shake his mind off this filth, he confides in a shrink friend (we all have one right?). His suggestion is to cleanse his palette and go visit the local cat house. Here he meets cute secretary Glory, played by the blonde goddess herself, Serena (PLEASURE PALACE, PRISONER OF PARADISE). This unfortunately doesn't work so he confides in his friendly neighbourhood man of the cloth, Father Carlos, played by Mr. Tobalina himself. His words of wisdom are to seek out the woman who Teena reminds him of. Yep, I'm converting right now too! Will this plan work? Will the Lord be looking over Roy? Get on your knees and find out for yourself!

  Sensual Fire (1979)

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