Jeunes Filles à Vendre (1982) Gérard Grégory

Jeunes Filles à Vendre (1982)
Country: France | Director: Gérard Grégory
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1 | Length: 78mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 768x432 - 1.20gb

Starring: Jean-Pierre Armand, Dominique Saint Claire, Lise Pinson, Hélène Shirley, Éric Dray, René Douglas, Lucie Doll, André Kay, Brigitte Verbecq, Michel de Nyokinos, Gérard Grégory, Michel Bouvier, Jean-Luc Brunet, Alexis Chaïkow, Ingrid Chorey

It is very difficult to follow the plot, but a guess is that a hospital (the 'Clinique des Ormeaux') is supplying young female patients to be kidnapped into prostitution, sampling the goods before they go. The next in line is Lise Pinson but Jean-Pierre becomes smitten with her and betrays Dominique (having previously played away with Nicole Segaud, who consoles Dominique in a g/g scene). Eric Dray gives an enema to a female patient (Lucie Doll) then fucks her from behind. Before the title we see Jean-Pierre dressed as a butler bringing drinks bottles to John Oury who is having sex with a girl (Dany) on the beach. We see Jean-Pierre approached by the young man in the racket and allowed to try out a girl in the woods (Kris Lara). We also see him visit the apartment of the older man and watch a black girl (XNK0474) in a demo video. Later in the same apartment four men sample the wares of two girls (XNK0476 and XNK0477).
Jeunes Filles à Vendre (1982)

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b said...

This is the sleaziest French film I have ever seen. Usually there are like four or five plot lines always circling around the Emmanuelle movies or the alternate "she doesn't get enough at home so she turns to prostitution". Then there are the school girls. Spanking. Talking pussies. Don't forget voyeurism. But boy flat out white slavery, enemas, bondage. Wow.

ronaldo88 said...

thank you. please upload more movies from France

jjr4 said...

I may be quite biased but the french porn in the 70ies and early 80ies was great. It had an anarchist, anti-bourgeoisie flair that no other porn to my knowledge ever displayed.

Arcane999 said...

That *has to be* Brigitte Lahaie on the cover, but -- dang ! -- I don't see her listed anywhere on the credits you are listing . . . ? (Verbecq ? Can't recall her using alternate stage names, either.)

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