Pénétrez-moi par le petit trou (1979) Gérard Vernier

Pénétrez-moi par le petit trou (1979)
Country: France | Director: Gérard Vernier
Language: French | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: Widescreen 1.66:1 | Length: 60mn
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Starring: France Lomay, Dominique Aveline, Sylvie Dessartre, Vicky Mesmin, Claude Janna, Élisabeth Buré, Brigitte Lahaie, Richard Allan, Barbara Moose, Charlie Schreiner, Jean-Louis Vattier

Although it was released and copywrited in 1979, this film has the look of one made earlier. For one thing, Brigitte is listed last in the film's end credits, and i would guess she'd be top-billed by 1979. Also, all of the familiar performers look so young here. It's probably just a style thing: this film isn't like most of Brigitte's other films, although it has a style vaguely similar to Bouches expertes and Ondées brûlantes. And Brigitte is not really the star, either. Barbara Moose gets a lot more action, and we see more of Susan Deloir, too.

Fans of Brigitte will probably recognize Susan Deloir, who played the baron's kinky mistress in Parties fines, aka Education of the Baroness. She is a rarity in the French erotic cinema, and appeared in less than ten films, most of them released in 1977-78. She has straight, long, black hair and some of the palest skin i've seen. I think she's very sexy.

The film opens with France Lomay, Dominique Aveline and an unknown guy at an outdoor cafe in Paris. Dominique leaves and walks to a film studio, where Susan Deloir is sitting in front of film editing equipment and watching something on a screen. He joins her and they watch a film in which we see two gals -- Brigitte and Barbara -- leaving a train station and walking through Paris. We then see them inside a room, and we get a clue they are being filmed as the little clapper board is snapped closed in front of the camera lens.

Film within the film (which Dominique and Susan are watching): Brigitte is on the left in a black wig with ponytails, Barbara Moose on right with dildo, and John Oury between them on a couch. They are watching a porn film, and they soon start fondling each other and removing their clothes.

Film within a film within the film (the one Brigitte, Barbara and John are watching): Two blondes in g/g on a bed, joined later by Richard Lemieuvre in a 3-way. Brigitte is in a platinum blonde wig, the true blonde is Mickey Love. This scene is excerpted from Jouir jusqu'au delire aka Corpi d'amore.

Dominique and Susan have a drink, and he daydreams about fucking her on top of the editing machine.

Back to 3-way on couch, same performers as above, the gals masturbating with dildoes and soon all three are fucking and sucking.

Four gals in a kitchen: Claude Janna (pageboy-cut brunette) in red dress paired with Brigitte in platinum blonde wig and orange dress. Chocolate-skinned Chantal Virapin is with Elisabeth Buré, wearing white tee-shirt and reddish hair. Kinky g/g sex with vegetables. Brigitte is hilarious, chewing on a stick of celery while leaning over the kitchen table, as Claude fucks her with a long zucchini from underneath the table and frigs herself at the same time. (This scene appears to be an outtake from Jouir jusqu'au delire.)

Back in the studio, Dominique and Susan are joined by France Lomay in a white dress. Soon the dress comes off and they are having a hot 3-way next to the editing machine.

For the remainder of the film, this studio scene is intercut with a group scene, presumably on the editing screen: Barbara Moose, Nicole Velna, Charlie Schreiner, Jean-Louis Vattier and an unknown actress, with cafe-au-lait colored skin. The editing seems very haphazard, and it's difficult to follow whose body parts one is watching at any given moment. But the action is hot. Thankfully we see a lot of Barbara Moose, and the 3-way with France and Susan is very sexy.
Pénétrez-moi par le petit trou (1979)

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