Between Lovers (1983) Henri Pachard

Between Lovers (1983)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA | Director: Henri Pachard
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 83mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x496 - 700mb

Starring: Jessie St. James, John Leslie, Georgina Spelvin, Joey Silvera, Mai Lin, Adrienne Bellaire, Candy Hackett, Cheri Le Blance, Mata Ray, Wendy Walker

Most of the time therefore, porn spinoffs or parodies fail to measure up to their mainstream counterparts. There are exceptions though. Henri Pachard's magnificent "Between Lovers" is an example of one that worked, indeed worked so well as to actually surpass the mainstream original.

This original is "Having It All", starring Dyan Cannon (a Laker co-fan as I understand :-)), the improbable tale of a lady finding herself a de facto bigamist and, not wishing to dump either of her other halves, decides to time share between them. Despite the silly the mainstream works ok as light Hollywood comedies go. The porno however has a better plot, better acting and better direction.

In this case the lady (the majestic Jessie St. James in one of her finest roles) gradually grows apart from her philandering husband (John Leslie) and finds solace on a trip to LA in a sensitive Joey Silvera (here proving that, given the chance, he can act well). Unfortunately John decides to make an effort to win back his wife and Jessie begins to find herself torn between husband and boyfriend. Things become even more complicated when Joey proposes and Jessie, fearful of wounding him, accepts.

The bigamy premise itself is not the major point of the movie as it is in the mainstream, nor is the "time sharing" gimmick (which indeed IS the main point in the original). Sure, the timesharing is there (proposed by Jessie's best friend, Georgina Spelvin in great acting form) but it is IMHO only a minor point. A very clever twist, and one NOT exploited in the original is the coincidence which has the two unsuspecting co-husbands meeting on their own accord and forming a strong friendship. This play between male-bonding and loyalty versus sexual drive and love is unprecedented in a porno and would be an excellent premise for many a mainstream picture. The resolution is also believable and even touching.

After such a storyline it's hard to discuss sex positions and groupings. But the sex is there, plentiful and hot, decisively adding to the movie's merit. All in all this is in my opinion the finest "couples" hardcore movie ever made, along with "1001 Erotic Nights". Also like "1001" it is such a wonderful film that one cannot dream of grudging it the mark of perfection.

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