Fashion Fantasies (1985) Ron Dorfman

Fashion Fantasies (1985)
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA | Director: Ron Dorfman (as Art Ben)
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 83mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x480 - 982mb

Starring: Charlie Latour, Danielle, Lauren Stewart, Lili Marlene, Nina Hartley, Paula Meadows, Sharon Kane, Taija Rae, Alan Adrian, David Morris, Eric Monti, George Payne, Scott St. James, Michael Gaunt, Paul Thomas, Robert Bullock

Thanks to a large and very enthusiastic superstar cast and a cute premise supplied by his screenwriter-wife "Pamela Penn", this fluffy mid-eighties romp may actually be the most accomplished effort of Ron Dorfman's (aka Arthur Ben's) checkered career. Eschewing the convoluted narrative structures of earlier work, he allows plenty of time for fan favorites such as Nina Hartley, Danielle and Lili Marlene to strut their stuff sexually, capturing everything with customary crystal-clear camera-work, reminding us that his reputation as a DoP has always outshone his directorial credit... Elegantly produced and rapidly paced, this is a most enjoyable carnal comedy that has some funny and well-delivered dialog mixed in with some highly charged sexual situations. There's just enough plot to conveniently connect Point A to Point B without getting in the way of the audience having a good time. Looks like Dorfman has finally relaxed enough to allow for at least one really good sex flick to illuminate his resume.

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