Devil's Due (1973) Ernest Danna

Devil's Due (1973)
Genre: Drama | Horror
Country: USA | Director: Ernest Danna
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 87mn
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Starring: Andrea True, Catherine Warren, Cindy West, Darby Lloyd Rains, Georgina Spelvin, Tina Russell, Guy Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens

A young girl fleeing an abusive home life arrives in New York City and becomes involved in a satanic cult. She conspires with the cult leader's two lesbian assistants to take over the coven.

If you like your hardcore sex sprinkled with Black Masses, sacrificial altars, witchcraft and goofy people hopping around in robes it doesn’t get any better than this.

Cindy West plays an innocent high school senior who grows to hate men. While rehearsing her valedictorian speech (!) she’s molested by the bitter principal: "My plans to teach sex education were rejected!" He drugs her, then force-feeds her his ween, which is the size of a ballpark hotdog.

Now pregnant, her boyfriend Willie Joe tells her to take a hike. "Men are such animals," she sobs. "All except my Daddy." Whoops! Cindy comes home and finds her girlfriend, Barbie inhaling dad’s meatroll. The shock proves too much and Cindy becomes... MUTE!

Cut to the Port Authority Bus Terminal as Cindy arrives in the Big Apple: "I had a miscarriage. Everything I knew to be decent and good turned out dirty and evil." Answering an ad, she ends up with Dawn (ANDREA TRUE) and Nicky (DARBY LLOYD RAINS), a pair of zesty lesbians as roommates. "I work for the devil," Dawn, the dusky redhead explains to her. "Worshipping the devil is the in thing to do!" adds Nicky. Cindy (who still can’t speak and scribbles words on paper) asks to be initiated into the coven.

What follows is a delirious scene. Cindy lies nude on a make shift altar surrounded by candles and hooded idiots. She meets the unholy leader of the cult, KAMPALLA, a grouchy mook who resembles Sonny Bono. He sits in a wicker chair and shrieks at the top of his lungs stuff like, "I am the all-powerful! The spirit of Satan flows through my shaft!" Mistress Dawn wraps a dog collar around Cindy’s neck and she gets ravaged by KAMPALLA who shouts, "You must kiss the cock of Satan!" then deposits a gobstopper on her chest.

Later, Cindy’s not impressed. She tells Dawn and Micky that "He’s just an animal, like the other men who fractured my life." The women hatch a plan to overthrow the cult leader, but take time out for a lesbiathon.

During the next Satanic ceremony Dawn tells KAMPALLA, "You’re as powerful as your prick. Which is very little," she adds. He accepts their challenge. If he submits to Cindy’s seduction, he loses. Drumroll, please...Cindy straddles him on the altar. The moment of reckoning arrives but he can’t resist her fatal charms. He bites down on her breast - and dies! Cindy has anointed herself with "poison oils". You heard me. Death by titty!

Wait! It ain’t over! Cindy is so overcome, she regains the power of speech! (A real Hallmark moment!) "Witchipoo" is now their queen and leads the cult in an orgy of demonic screwing. There’s a surprise ending.

Look for Jamie Gillis, Tina Russell, Marc Stevens and Georgina Spelvin in the orgy scene. Devil’s Due stacks up as a devil of a good time.

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