Ozark Virgin (1972) Ray Dennis Steckler

Ozark Virgin (1972)
aka "Daisy Lay" Ozark Virgin?
aka Daisy Lay & The 52 Pick-Ups
Country: USA | Director: Ray Dennis Steckler 
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 52mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 730x576 - 825mb

Starring: Maria Arnold, John Bates, George Peters, Starlyn Simone, Jason Wayne

Extremely silly porno flick is dumb enough and short enough to make it worth sitting through once. Daisy Lay (Maria Arnold) lives in a town so small that the only thing to do is have sex but this good girl has gone her entire life without doing it. She watches other do it and finally gets interested in it so thankfully big brother is there to teach her what to do. If you want some redneck humor than this here might be your cup of tea. This is clearly just a bump 'n grind title as there's no plot outside the main girl being a virgin but she only stays that for about thirty-minutes and then spends the final twenty-five with her brother and another guy. The scene between the brother and sister goes for laughs and it actually gets plenty of them as it's obvious the two "actors" are having fun with the situation as both deliver their lines and have obvious smiles on their faces from what they're saying. The way he directs her in what to do and the dumb questions she asks are simply funny and it's worth sitting through this thing just for it. Everything else is pretty much just one sex scene after another but for the most part they're well filmed. Leading star Arnold appeared in countless soft and hard titles including Ed Wood's NECROMANIA, THE TOY BOX and WAM BAM THANK YOU SPACEMAN.

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