Erotic Mystique (1975) Stan Sobel

Erotic Mystique (1975)
Country: USA | Director: Stan Sobel
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 62mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 704x544 - 29.970fps - 802mb

Starring: Judy Craven, Lou Lamb, Chris Kissen

A horny sorceress with orange hair and monkey tits casts an Erotic Mystique over the men and women who seek her help in matters of the heart (and hardon). She slithers nakedly around an orange shag settee, spouts quasi-occult bullshit about "the cup of love," then gets her clients to drink from a chalice of cheap California Tokay. She also reveals the secret mantra of Eros: "Shapoopee!"

Yes, Shapoopee. Say the secret word, and your horniest dreams come true. But first you must grunt and groan all over the Orange Sorceress herself

So two or three indistinguishable bleach-blond suffer dudes all fall under her spell as they seek help in attaining the favors of a Cal-gal named Annette. Facially, Annette is a pleasant cross between Carol Conners and Linda York, but her body is pure Dali, boasting the smallest tits and the biggest twathole ever combined in a single porno actress. She fucks everybody, of course, climbs aboard a bicycle dildo, and even delivers a dramatic underwater blowjob captured by the lens with Cousteau-like cinematography (Jacques, not Desiree, that is).

All the while, everyone says "Shapoopee," when they’re not chomping on cock or clit, and sometimes even then. So, all together now, "Shapoopee, Shapoopee, Shapoopee, Shapoopee..."

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