Goldenrod (1972) Charlene Webb

Goldenrod (1972)
aka Love at Its best
Country: USA Director: Charlene Webb
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 53mn
Dvdrip H264 Mp4 - 720x540 - 499mb

Starring: Joan Gordon, Bram Roberts, Charlene Webb

Dick Long has a problem: a perpetual hardon. (So what’s the problem?) Though most of us would think that an eternal erection would translate into Love At Its Best, the fact is, his women become quickly exhausted by him and quit before he can cum.

The first to quit is Diane, a Demi Moore look-alike, who provides some of the most intense fucking you’ll ever see in a porno flick. Until she’s tuckered out by Dick Long’s long dick, she’s in the throes of a virtual frenzy of fucking and doesn’t seem to be acting at all!

Next cums Joanne, who knows her way around hardons all right. Then Elaine, another pecker expert. Unfortunately, they too are both left exhausted while poor Dick Long remains high, dry, and painfully hard. This leads to lots of lonely penisinflicted agony. (We almost cried.)

Then his friend, Eric refers him to Wanda Warmhole, "the original snapping pussy down south." Wanda is an off-the-wall, big-titted, wig wearing Slut Goddess who arrives wearing a white fur, sequined hat with blue feather plume, and elaborate pasties. She’s accompanied by a white bull mastiff named Bruno who watches as Wanda works her magic on Dick’s dick...

This one’s a real gem — an erotic, moody porno flick that’s a genuine Turn-On. A full 8.5 on the perpetually upstanding precise and impeccable bonermeter.

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