Concetta Licata 2 (1995) Mario Salieri

Concetta Licata 2 (1995)
Genre: Thriller
Country: Italy | Director: Mario Salieri
Language: Italian or French or Spanish
(2 separate audio tracks) | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 63mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 733x560 - 1.63gb

Starring: Angela, Angela Ambrus, Angela Pintus, Anita Dark, Anna Turchesi, Dalila, David Perry, Diana Stevenson, Don Fernando, Flavio Gioia, Franck David, Jean Philippe Demon, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Jay Lassiter, Luigi Salmone, Margherita Dominicis, Mario Massetti, Joseph Tremenda, Nicola Iacono, Rosa Giampaolo, Selen

The movie starts with a recap of part one. We learn that Concetta (Selen) was given a ride by a man she has some kind of relationship with into the country. There, they are stopped by a policeman whose partner is interrogating two men. These two men, apparently mafioso, pull guns and shoot both policemen, then drive up to the jeep Concetta is in and threaten the couple before pulling away. Maybe they told the guy to take the rap or they'd kill Concetta. At any rate, we next see him in a prison run by a corrupt warden, played by Ron Jeremy. After meeting with her friend in jail, Concetta gives sexual favors to a guard and the warden, possibly to try and get him released. One of the mafia bad boys shows up at her mother's house and kills her. Next we see the jailed friend, egged on by Giovanni (Yves Le Castel), stab the warden. The opening credits for Concetta contre la Mafia roll.

The film starts in black and white. The jailed friend is brought to the mother's death chamber where he's is received as one of the family. As he leaves, he tells Mario (Don Fernando) to get Concetta out of town. Mario, Concetta and Mario's friend Giovanni (Yves) subsequently take a bus out of town. The bus breaks down at night and people must sleep in the bus or an abandoned house nearby. Giovanni, who possesses a most magic bottle of wine, seduces a woman on the bus as other sleep around them (Concetta wakes long enough to see what's going on), then gets Mario to come to the house with him where he introduces him to Anita (Anita Dark), gives him the bottle and let's nature take it's course. The result is Mario's out of the picture and Giovanni can use his magic elixir to seduce Concetta, who's turned up in the house as well (there's no explanation of how the bottle returned to Giovanni's hands). After the sex, as Concetta sleeps (rests? is drugged?), the mafia bad boy comes in, talks to Giovanni and, after spewing some mocking dialogue (haven't any of these guys watched 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'?), shoots Concetta in the face. Apparently Giovanni's the kind of friend one can do without.

That appears to bring us up to the present, as the film now switches to color. The rest of the movie involves the mafia going about getting into the hospital to kill Concetta. In the process, the seedy nature of humanity is examined, with interns fucking patients, men using sex to dominate women, etc. The film ends with Giovanni and the two original mafia bad boys breaking into Concetta's room and killing her and her guard.

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