Water Power (1977) Shaun Costello

Water Power (1977) 
aka Enema Bandit
Genre: Thriller | Roughie
Country: USA | Director: Shaun Costello
Language: English | Subtitles: None
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 81mn
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Starring: Barbara Belkin, Beverly Steig, C.J. Laing, Craig Esposito, Leo Lovemore, Crystal Sync, Eric Edwards, Fred Keitel, Gloria Leonard, Russ Carlson, Jamie Gillis, Long Jean Silver, John Buco, Susaye London, Marlene Willoughby, Peter Christian, Philip Marlowe, Sally O'Neil, Sharon Mitchell, Clea Carson

Loosely based on the exploits of The Enema Bandit, a criminal who would sexually assault his victims before forcefully administering an enema, Water Power is a hell of a sleazy film. A twisted cross between Scorsese's Taxi Driver and a grimy 70s XXX feature, it follows nut-job rapist Burt (played by porn-star Jamie Gillis) as he sets out to cleanse the filthy women of New York, via the use of high colonics. Directed by smut-merchant Shaun Costello (but often accredited to Gerard 'Deep Throat' Damiano), this film inevitably features a fair dose of hardcore sex acts and 'other scenes of a graphic nature', but it also works as a thriller (thanks largely to Gillis's convincing turn as a total crackpot), meaning that fans of extreme exploitation can offer up a fairly valid excuse for watching this filthy, disturbing and quite nauseating fetish flick.

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