Je te suce, tu me suces (1983) Jose Benazeraf

Je te suce, tu me suces (1983)
aka La Vie d'un bordel de province
Country: France | Director: Jose Benazeraf
Language: French | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 56mn
Vhsrip H264 Mkv - 720x540 - 852mb

Starring: Carole Pierac, Cathy Dupré, Cathy Ménard, Laura May, Marianne Aubert, Michelle Villers, Olivia Flores, Sabina Karen, Richard Allan

Daily life in a country brothel, visit of a notary, of a minister (who confuses first the brothel with a nursery), a deputy, a priest and a rabbi. As often with Bénazéraf, jumps from 1 scene to another are not always logic, there is a scene partly repeated and the 2 last sex scenes looks as being added without link to the story.

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