Liz: 'Momma's Little Girl' (1973) Josephine Milne

Liz: 'Momma's Little Girl' (1973)
Genre: Drama
Country: USA Director: Josephine Milne
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 59mn
Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 696x516 - 960mb

Starring: Antoinette Maynard, James Mathers, Bill Master, Thad Watson, Penny King, Charles Orlando

LIZ is a showcase for the beauty & XXX talents of Lilly Foster, among my faves from the Golden Era. As such it is highly recommended to her fans.

The twerp who writes liner notes for Something Weird's Dragon Art Theatre series (this is Vol. 27), dismissed LIZ entirely, but what does he know about anything? Only surprise was that he's paid to shill for this stuff, and here was a case where he could have.

Film is structured as a letter to momma from Lilly as Liz, recalling her hard times in Hollywood, but sugarcoating it for ma's sake. In time-honored flashback structure, we get to see the real travails, which start off with a goon handling her with a leash to her neck, calling her his little doggie bitch and otherwise abusing poor Liz. Turns out she has (unbeknownst to mom) become a prostitute to make ends meet, sending $16 a week back home.

We see her other tawdry adventures -forced to make love to her boss in the backseat as his car travels through a car wash; being beaten with a belt and then treated to an oversize strap-on-dildo by nasty lesbian client Belita; or humped on a diner counter by a nasty British john. In the film's goofiest sequence, Liz masturbates while watching the local news on TV, replete with vintage, stupid commercials, as director "Josephine Milne" tries for a comical juxtaposition of visuals and audio.

Film ends with a 2-minute "highlights" montage of sex footage already shown, and a hopeless finale of Liz mailing the letter, while a mustachioed guy on the street pursues her, probably her next trick.

This is filmed on the usual shoestring budget of quickie porn, but making up for it all is Lilly. For the uninitiated, she resembles Sarah Jessica Parker, only a pretty SJP. She handles the hardcore material with enthusiasm, and this is one of the better examples of that much-maligned genre: the one-girl sex film (Penny King as the lesbian sure doesn't count), in which a single actress performs all the sex. So the bottom line is LIZ is strictly for Lil fans and folks who just can't get enough of that good ole American b&d.

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