On the Street (1976) Richard Mailer

On the Street (1976)
Country: USA | Director: Richard Mailer 
Language: English | Subtitles: none
Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 | Length: 51mn
Dvdrip H264 Mkv - 636x480 - 1.13gb

Starring: Grover Griffith, Jim Kerr, Jeanette Sinclair, Red Starr, Turk Turpin 

Talented pornographer Richard Mailer opted for a no-name cast for ON THE STREET, probably aiming at a more gritty and realistic approach than usual. NYC-set wallow in the gutter tries to be a Roughie, but plays like amateur night.

Girl Gangs is the theme, centered around an organization of Black girls with "MOSTAZAS" emblazoned on their blue t-shirts. Episodic action staged on cheap, ugly sets eschews artistry of any kind, and while hardly shocking to porn fans is based on shock effects.

Opening sex has a Black girl, Tanda, having sex on a nondescript bedroom set with a Latino guy, featuring '69' position and gynecological closeups. A deep throat on his small to at best average size cock (wouldn't pass muster today on screen) yields a money shot on her posterior.

The white boyfriend of Tanda's mother bawls her out and then rapes her. This scene features highly realistic bloody welts on the rapist's back as she scratches him repeatedly during sex - not sure whether this is meant to turn on the audience or what.

Two previously seen on the corner members of Tanda's MOSTAZAS gang accost a white girl Trudy on the sidewalk and drag her to a yucky warehouse set, where they stage an "initiation" -having a big Black dude Boomer (Turk Turpin) rape her as they fondle her body. This scene emphasizes BDSM, with Trudy forced to kiss the Black girls' feet. She is strung up to the ceiling with a rope and spanked for good measure.

Next day the three Black girls get together for a gang meeting. After Tanda prevents Trudy from committing suicide on a rooftop, Boomer is assigned to punish the mom's boyfriend who just raped a gang member. He is dragged to the warehouse and clothespins are attached to his balls and limp dick as he is also strung up to the ceiling and beaten. Boomer is rewarded with black-on-black sex.

Now friends, Tanda tends to Trudy's back wounds, leading to mixed-combo lesbian sex.

Film ends fairly cryptically with the girls paddling the rapist and then doing a happy dance, with a closeup of MOSTAZAS on the t-shirt a final image.

Mailer and fellow directors of this NYC porn era Joe Davian and Shaun Costello had marching orders to deliver an hour-long relatively kinky/rough adult movie, and this has been one of them.
On the Street (1976)

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